Reise. Im Sommer 
(Journey. In Summer)


The trip that I embarked on in summer 2009 was essentially the practical implementation of the thought experiment from my video work "Hopefully.Yeah More.Than Normal". This "initiation journey" should run according to self-imposed rules and result in me somehow becoming a man. 

The rules: 
1. Use the European train network. 
2. You may not leave the station. 
3. You must buy all food at the station or on the trains. 
4. You may only sleep in train stations, airports or on trains. 
5. Leave a letter on each train. Then a message and an email address. 
6. You must speak one person to every day, and start a conversation. 
7. Record a statement in the evening. 

In the video, I reflect the kind of absurd journey with photographs and uncommented video material.

Installation 1, kjubh Kunstverein, Cologne, 2011

Installation 2 (van outside) Galerie Ampersand, Cologne

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